Plot Holders

DSC_0015We are at a very exciting time, with Pilcot allotments open, Edenbrook allotments also up and running, and other sites available around the Hart district.

Getting started!

To help those beginning their first plots, we’ve found some reading which will help you get going with designing and planning your plot! For ideas on what can be done on your allotment each month, click here! There are other helpful sites on the Links page.

There is also private Facebook group (for current Pilcot tenants only) – ask to join here 

Contact the Committee

If you have any general enquires or wish to raise any points for committee meetings, please . Alternatively you can email a sub-committee:

For health and safety issues please email:

For environmental issues please email:

For building/construction issues (including sheds etc.) please email:

For livestock or plot-boundary issues please email:

Health and Safety Information

We have created some new H&S advice documents – click the links below to have a look. There is also an updated Health and Safety Policy document in the Rules and Regs section.

H&S Information – General Guidance for Plotholders.

H&S Information – Guidance for using BBQs  (see also general guidance above)

Risk assessment Log

Plot Swaps

There are a number of plot holders on small plots wishing to upgrade – if you’re thinking for any reason that you’d prefer a smaller plot than you have then please contact

Pilcott Farm site – Q&A

A document has been created collating the answers to all the questions members have asked regarding Pilcot allotments. The document is indexed so you can click on the area you are interested in and go straight to that part of the document. The document can be viewed here.

Hart Allotments Sites in Fleet

Pilcot Farm – Hart Allotments’ first site at Pilcot Farm, which is on Hitches Lane in Fleet, has been up and running since May 2014. All plots are currently occupied but we have had a few become free for various reasons which are then offered in order to those on the waiting list. If you are interested in joining the waiting list for a plot then please fill in and return the HAA membership and plot applications form for Pilcot Farm. You can view a satellite photograph of the Pilcot Farm site here.

Hart’s Green Garden at Edenbrook   is now open and is managed by Hart District Council. For further information on Hart’s Green Garden please see HDC’s website, plus details of geographical eligibility here.

Other Local Allotments Sites

Other local allotments (please note these are not administered by Hart Allotments) include:

Church Crookham – 120 allotments on the old QEII site – opening early Summer 2015  for Church Crookham residents on the electoral roll.  If they don’t get take up then they will extend it out to CrookhamVillage and Ewshot and some GU52 areas. You can see further info here.

Elvetham Heath Allotments – 20 small size plots, site now up and running, and fully allocated. Further information here.

Swan Lake allotments, Yateley – 44 plots in a range of sizes. Site is open and run by Yately council – further details including waiting list are here.