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Allotments and the Coronavirus

Dear All,

Following the Government announcements and in response to some questions from members, the committee had a conference call yesterday evening to discuss the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on our allotments and what, if any, action HAA should take.

First and foremost, please abide by whatever the current Government advice is for you personally (e.g. age group, ‘at risk’ group etc.) – should Government advice change we may have to reconsider its impact on HAA.

Michael Gove yesterday confirmed that going to an allotment is an allowed type of exercise, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t visit the site unless you are unwell, in isolation or your personal advice from the Government says otherwise.

HAA will:

  • Permanently open the car-park gate to prevent having to touch it or the lock.
  • Leave the field gate ajar enabling access without having to touch it
  • Tape off the communal area – no access to the shed, communal tools or communal wheelbarrows

When you are at the Pilcot site, please:

  • Observe social distancing – keep 2-3 meters (6’-9’) apart from anyone else, including people on adjacent plots. Please just be sensible e.g. keeping to opposite sides of the main path when passing others, wait rather than passing on the narrower spur paths, don’t get to close to others at the topsoil or manure piles.
  • Do not use the communal tools or wheelbarrows or go into the communal shed.
  • Don’t touch other people’s plots / things, unless by prior consent.
  • If you must bring children, ensure they always remain on your plot and that they too observe social distancing.
  • Leave the gates as they are, including leaving the Lane gate locked and unused. This shouldn’t present a problem as cars are forbidden onsite for the foreseeable future and everything else can go around the gate.
  • Contain your own germs by sneezing/coughing into tissues or sleeves so as not to spread the droplets, especially where others may be passing you and walk into the vapour.  Consider wearing disposable gloves/masks.

Please do also let us know if you will not be able to visit the site until the crisis is over. While we cannot organise any immediate assistance, it would be good to know this from a site maintenance perspective.

It is also inevitable that the Community Tidy Days will have to happen later in the year than usual. Once we’re able to congregate, this year’s jobs may include digging plots whose tenants were unable to attend due to the crisis.

All the best and stay healthy.