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Pilcot Allotments are now OPEN – hurrah!

The ploughing and farrowing has been completed, and all the plots marked out. Pilcot allotments are now go!

Access to the allotments is via a padlocked main gate on Hitches Lane – tenants, please check your email for the padlock combination code. To unlock, dial in the combination code on the bottom of the padlock, push the u-bend into the body and it will open; to lock the padlock, shuffle the numbers on the bottom so that the code is no longer shown, then press the padlock together and it will click locked.

When you open the padlock and go through the gate please remember to re-lock the padlock and chain on to the mesh next to the gate so that nobody can walk off with it. The last person leaving the site must lock that gate, ensuring that our padlock is locked through the farmers’ padlock.

On the inside gate is our new noticeboard including:

  • Plot Plan with the layout of the plots (please be sure to note on the plan which end of the plan is closest to the gate – plots in row 1 are closest, and as you look from the gate, plots in column A are on the far right and plots beginning H are on the far left nearest the road) – Tenants please check your tenancy agreement if you have forgotten your plot number
  • Tenants’ notice board for you to communicate with other tenants by using sticky notes or a dry marker).
  • Health and safety notices – such as warnings for uneven ground (getting to and on site), and nails in marker posts.

Water is currently available from the trough at the far end of the field.  You may need to bring containers or a watering can if you need to water seedlings.  The farmers are scheduled to lay in the pipe next week for a tap.  (We didn’t want to delay folk getting on to the site – so bear with us on this one.)

Paths - We are waiting for the wood chippings to arrive on site – tree cutting has also been delayed due to the weather.  This will be used to to cover the internal paths, in the meantime, take extra care if it’s muddy.

Rubbish – Once we are up and running and we have got hold of some more pallets we will construct a composting site.  In the meantime please take any green and normal rubbish home with you.

Fencing - You will need to speak to your neighbours if you want to share fencing.

Rules – Please refer to the Rules and Regs section to check what is currently permitted on site.  See the overview document that gives a summary of what is covered in the policies and procedures.

Big thanks to the farmers for all the ploughing, harrowing, mowing and ditch clearing, and also to all the volunteers who helped mark out the plots!

Happy digging!