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Hart Allotment Association becoming a Community Interest Company

The Hart Allotments Association are still meeting regularly with the Council regarding allotments – particularly for the Fleet area. Discussions are progressing well.

We have been informed that the application from the developers to build 157 more houses on the Edenbrook estate (on Hitches Lane) has been postponed for a few months. This application we believe will include provision for allotments to be accessed from Pale Lane (rather than Hitches Lane). This means that it will now be November at the earliest before we hear if these allotments will go ahead.

In the meantime the Council have advised us that in order for Hart Allotments Association to have an agreement with the Council (so that we can lease the land) we need to become a Community Interest Company (CIC). A CIC is a company registered with Companies House that ensures that any monies the Association has is for the benefit of its members and is non-profit making. This requires us to have Directors, produce accounts and statements of activity etc. There are a number of options available, but a “Company Limited by guarantee with a large membership” is thought to match our circumstances best. If the CIC is wound up in the future then the Directors would only be liable for a nominated amount which is normally £1.

Here’s where you can help!

Currently there are three of us Sally (Chairperson), Dave (Treasurer) and Sylvia – (Secretary) who are prepared to become Directors. However, it would be preferable if we had more Directors of the CIC to take an active role.

If anyone is interested in becoming a Director and would like further details of what’s involved, please send us an e-mail. Indeed if there is anyone who has any experience in this area, then we’d appreciate you getting in touch.