Welcome to Hart Allotments


Hart Allotments Association (HAA) are based in the Hart District and are committed to keeping allotments available for the people in Hart and surrounding areas.

We have an established allotments site up and running at Pilcot Farm on Hitches Lane, Fleet. HAA also currently administers the waiting list for Hart’s Green Garden in Edenbrook Country Park though the site is managed by Hart District Council

HAA’s Pilcot site is open to anyone  however Hart’s Green Garden is available only for residents of Hart District.

All plots on Pilcot and Hart’s Green Garden are currently occupied however you can apply to join the waiting list for a plot at Hart Allotment’s Pilcot site here, or apply for waiting list for Hart’s Green Garden (on Edenbrook) with the form here.

You will be contacted when you reach the top of the list and a plot becomes available. For Hart’s Green Garden, HAA or Hart District Council will contact you. HAA will contact you regarding plots on Pilcot. If you wish to take a plot  at Pilcot then at that point you will need to join HAA, but not need to loin HAA for Hart’s Green Garden at Edenbrook.

You can view a satellite image of the Pilcot site here, and further information, and a plan, on Hart’s Green Garden here.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.