Welcome to Hart Allotments


We are based in the Hart District and are committed to making allotments available for the people in areas of Hart where allotments have not been available.

The good news is that we now have allotments up and running at Pilcot Farm on Hitches Lane. All Pilcot plots are currently taken however there is a waiting list in operation, and there will be more to come when the Edenbrook site comes to fruition.

Our allotments will be open to anyone (as long as you are on the waiting list). You can:

  • apply to join the society (only) by completing and returning this form
  • apply to join the society and apply for an allotment at Pilcot Farm by completing and returning this form (please note Pilcot is currently full  - please do not send cheques to pay for plots, however- joining the waiting list is free – see below!)
  • apply to join the waiting list (for either the Pilcot or the Edenbrook sites) by completing and returning this form.

You can view a satellite image on the new Pilcot site here.